Tickets & Rental

Price List for Rental

We offer our guests a rental service of equipments for skiing and snowboarding. You can enjoy those activities without bringing heavy equipment with you!

    Price for 1 Day Rental

    • Short or Fun Ski set (Ski, boots, and poles )  |  Adult 2700 yen, Child 2160 yen

    *Prices above include tax
    * For guests who stay at Tsugaike Kohgen Hotel, reservation is not needed.
    *A child should be a preschooler.
    *We provide boots until size 29 cm

    Trekking Tickets

    We offer our guests a special deal ticket for trekking in Tsugaike or Happo!
    • Tsugaike Trekking Tickets  |  Adult 3200 yen, Child 1800 yen
    • Happo Trekking Tickets  |  Adult 2600 yen, Child 1550 yen

    *Prices above include tax
    * Please make a reservation, if you would like to add those tickets. (cancel is not allowed)
    *Tickets are valid during this prieod below?