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Refreshing Your Body with Our Bath and SPA!

After enjoying activities all day long, you body may get so tired. To relieve the fatigue, we provide you hot spring bath, herbal bath, and sauna bath. Soaking into nice hot baths and stretching your body, then you can refresh your body.

Hakuba Himekawa Onsen

Hakuba Himekawa Onsen is hot spring featuring its quality of alkalescent water. This hot spring water is good to cure muscle pains, fatigue, joint pain and so on.

Tsugaike Herbal Bath

We also have a original Herbal bath. Tsugaike area is a treasury of good quality and quantity of herbs since a long time ago. We blend those local herbs and put into the bath. Our selection of herbs have various medical effects such us relieving the fatigue and keeping your body warm and helping your sleep.

Hot Spring Bath Information

Open Hours  |  5:00am~11:00pm

*While cleaning around afternoon, this area is not available.

Massage and SPA Service

We have massage and SPA service at the request of guests (payed service) . You can have the service in your room also. For more datails, please kindly ask staffs at the front desk.